In 2013, Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona hosted the first ever Closing the Hunger Gap conference in Tucson, Arizona. Over 300 people attended from 170 different organizations, including emergency food providers, human service agencies, school districts, health organizations, grassroots organizations, advocacy groups, academics, and food businesses. The first conference provided a space for community building and co-learning, grounded in critical analysis and shared values. 

Recognizing the value in a community that builds collective power and shared learning, as well as creating a space that supports recognizing and facing uncomfortable truths, Closing the Hunger Gap has maintained a commitment to bringing this emerging network together on a biennial basis. In 2015, the Oregon Food Bank stepped up to host the CTHG conference, followed by Northwest Harvest of Tacoma in 2017, and the Food Bank of South and Central North Carolina in 2019. Each conference has served as a space for attendees to share skills and ideas, discuss innovative programs, network with their peers and examine their work with a critical lens. 

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Closing The Hunger Gap welcomes individuals and organizations alike to join the biennial Closing The Hunger Gap conference! Attendees will have the opportunity to build shared analysis and engage in deep learning.  The Closing the Hunger Gap Conference also serves as an annual Member Meeting; providing a chance for CTHG members to build relationships, further regional organizing, and conduct network decisionmaking.  To stay up-to-date about future conferences, read Closing The Hunger Gap’s Updates page or become a Closing The Hunger Gap member.

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For resources from past conferences including workshop details, conference tracks and more, visit our conference resource pages.

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