Narrative Change Task Force


Closing the Hunger Gap recognizes access to healthy food as a human right, and strives to find appropriate solutions to address the root causes of hunger and poverty. Part of that work includes shifting narratives about who experiences hunger and why, what sustainable and viable solutions are, and how individuals and organizations can engage in that work collectively. With support from WhyHunger and the Center for Story-Based Strategy, the Closing the Hunger Gap’s Narrative Change Task Force works to build a shared analysis and common message with actors in the anti-hunger sector about the true solutions to ending hunger in the U.S.


Join the Narrative Change Task Force

The Narrative Change Task Force convenes monthly to brainstorm on how to shift the narrative, and to continue developing resources and tools for organizations to use in their own work. To learn more or join the Task Force, contact Debbie DePaola.


Closing the Hunger Gap’s 8-Point Checklist for Organizational Transformation 

For organizations interested in shifting from a charitable model to a social justice model, these 8 points defined by the Narrative Change Task Force can serve as a starting point.