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Videos of the general sessions + keynote will be posted here.


Workshop Slides

Session 1

Title: Local and State Food Policy: Putting it to Work for You (Session summary)

Presenters:  Mark Winne, Anne Palmer

Slides/materials: Good Laws, Good Food: Putting Food Policy to Work for Our Communities


Title: FEAST: A Community Food Systems Organizing Model (Session summary)

Presenters: Sharon Thornberry, Spencer Masterson

Slides/materials: Fighting the Root Causes of Hunger: FEAST & Community Foods Organizing at Oregon Food Bank


Title: Moving the Needle with Federal Resources (Session summary)

Presenters: Patricia Smith, Brandon Seng, Dana Harvey, Kate Fitzgerald

Slides/materials: Moving the Needle with Federal Resources


Title: Moving Beyond Emergency Food Provision: A How-To Guide (Session summary)

Presenters: Stephanie Solomon, Amanda Nickey

Slides/materials: Moving Beyond Emergency Food Provision: A How-To Guide


Title: Bridging Food Security & Public Health: Toward Healthy Hunger-free Communities (Session summary)

Presenters: Sarah Ramirez, Alli Sosna, Erik Talkin

Slides/materials: Presenting Your CaseFood is Medicine


Session 2

Title: Innovative Partnerships for Food Insecurity Screening and Intervention: Multiple Models (Session summary)

Presenters: Lynn Knox, Joy Rowley, Kathy Gardner, Tiare T. Sanna

Slides/materials: Screening for Food Insecurity in Clinic Hospitals: Screen & Intervention Program, Oregon Food Bank


Title: Improving Impact Evaluation: What’s Your Next Move? (Session summary)

Presenters: Spencer Masterson, Ginny Sorensen, Bryan Allan, Mallory Rahe, Kim Leonard

Slides/materials: Improving Impact Evaluation: What’s Your Next Move?


Title: The Role of Race and Privilege in Food Banking (Session summary)

Presenters:  Jess Powers, Suzanne Babb



Title:  Growing Huertos: Food Justice and Latino Communities (Session summary)

Presenters:  Devin Dinihanian, Abie Ilias, Antonio Rodriguez, Maribel Gomez, Isabel Cruz, Norma Moreno

Slides/materials: Growing Huertos Presenter Bios


Title: Money Does Grow on Trees (Session summary)

Presenters: Erik Talkin, Wally Verdooren, Barbara Andersen

Slides/materials: Money Does Grow on Trees: Funding Your Evolving MissionThe Funder’s PerspectiveBroadening and Expanding Philanthropic Support for Ending Hunger: One Fundraiser’s Perspective


Title: Closing the Hunger Gap with Local Food (Session summary)

Presenters: Jim Hanna, Kristen Miale, Jenna Umbriac, Cara Durr

Slides/materials: Closing the Hunger Gap with Local Food


Session 3

Title: Beyond Emergency Food: Gardening to End Hunger (Session summary)

Presenters: Christine Hadekel, Bill McKelvey, Melissa Mundt, Sara Trunzo, Martha Delsid

Slides/materials: Beyond Emergency Food: Gardening to End Hunger


Title: Best Practices in Culinary Training Programs (Session summary)

Presenters: Kristen Culliney, Michelle Wallace

Slides/materials: Best Practices in Culinary Training Programs


Title: Universities and Communities Collaborating on – and in – the Food System (Session summary)

Presenters: Lauren Gwin, Clea Rome

Slides/materials: Universities and Communities Collaborating on & in the Food System


Title: Focusing on Community Engagement in USDA Funding: Community Food Projects (Session summary)

Presenters: Sarah Lambertson, Craig Lapine

Slides/materials: Focusing on Community Engagement in USDA Funding: Community Food Projects


Title: Storytelling: What Calls You to Work for Food Justice? (Session summary)

Presenters:  Micaela Shapiro-Shellaby, Evan Weaver, Paul Davis

Slides/materials: Storytelling: What Calls You to Work for Food Justice?

Session 4

Title: Health, Nutrition, and Emergency Food Transforming the Food Pantry Environment (Session summary)

Presenters:  Jen Turner, Michelle Wallace, Adrienne Binder, Sara Wilson

Slides/materials: VT Foodbank: VT FreshBehavioral Economics Workshop Activity


Title: Food Banks at the Frontier of Community Economic Development (Session summary)

Presenters:  Ken Meter, Mitch Gruber, Kathryn Strickland

Slides/materials: Foodlink and Economic Development


Title: Building a Movement to End Hunger: Coalition Building and Campaign Organizing (Session summary)

Presenters: Keisha Nzewi, Shanti Prasad, Pete Woiwode, Colleen Rivecca

Slides/materials: Building a Movement to End Hunger: Coalition Building and Community Organizing



Title: Jumping in: Your Food Bank as a Community Change Agent (Session summary)

Presenters: Katherine Kim, Ena McPherson, William Sherman, Keith Carr, Susan Fowler

Slides/materials: Jumping in: Your Food Bank as a Community Change Agent


Title: SNAP + WIC + FARMERS MARKETS = Healthy Communities (Session summary)

Presenters: Kate Fitzgerald, Carrie Draper, Carle Brinkman, Denise Miller

Slides/materials: SNAP + Incentives + Farmers’ Markets: A Snapshot in CaliforniaSouth Carolina Perspective: SNAP Healthy Bucks ProgramConnecting Farmers and Low-Income Consumers


Title: Community Empowerment through Garden Leadership Training (Session summary)

Presenters: Alex Bryan, Julie Lehman, Jared Hibbard-Swanson

Slides/materials: Community Empowerment through Garden Leadership TrainingGarden Leader’s Training Session 1, 2, & 3


General Sessions

Stories of Food Justice (9/14/15)

Video coming soon!


Listen to Claudio Rodriguez’s story

Farmworkers, Food Hubs, & Job Training: Collaborating to Grow Local Economies & Healthy Families (9/15/15)

Video coming soon!


Transforming Emergency Food: From Charity to Solidarity (9/16/15)

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Equity Statement

Closing Comments (Sharon Thornberry)


Open Space

Open Space Principles and Law

Picture of Session Board

Notes from all sessions (transcribed from big sheets of paper)

Race & Privilege statement

Planning a Community Organizing Training