Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is a group of committed leaders from food banks and ally organizations who helped organize the 2013 Tucson Closing the Hunger Gap conference and who continue to share resources, build connections, and plan a course for a collective movement.

Meet the Leadership Team

The team currently coordinates the ongoing process that was launched in Tucson including:

  • Action Hubs that grew out of the 2013 conference.
  • Planning bi-annual conferences that rotate from city to city.
  • Working to expand the possibilities for food banks to help empower their customers.
  • Conducting related outreach.

The Leadership Team leads, facilitates, advises, connects, and supports the movement to collectively:

  • Leverage food bank infrastructure and assets to strengthen local food systems and social and economic justice work
  • Build relationships and understanding between food banks and connect this to the broader community food security movement
  • Grow the movement to build a network culture of collaboration, innovation, and learning

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